HALLO GALLO #27, Sunday November 22 at the OUTPOST


M AX NOI MACH (Philadelphia,USA)
beat poet hailing from the deep shit of Pennsylvania


ex teddy bear of a Korean kids tv show now makes stupid techno music


Y.I.T.B. (Bordeaux,France)
Yann Is The Bastard, hilarious gabba trance warrior




Jan Tooropstraat 35
Food 19:00
Bands 20:00

SCRIPTINGS#7/#8 “A patient waiter is no loser.” and release of “IN/OUT/EITHER/NEITHER”


You are cordially invited to the seventh and eighth edition of Achim Lengerer’s Scriptings series with the live-presentation “A patient waiter is no loser.” by David Bennewith and the release of the Scriptings publication “IN/OUT/EITHER/NEITHER” by Alexis Blake. The event takes place Sunday, October 25, 7 p.m. at Korjespoorsteeg 12, Amsterdam, NL.



“A patient waiter is no loser.” by David Bennewith

David Bennewith will present his collection of notes surrounding the [visible] dot and its reception. The presentation will be conducted via connected manifestations of the dot — and it’s activities in relation to text [messages]. The outcome of the presentation, helped along by graphic design, will manifest in the prospective Scriptings publication “A patient waiter is no loser.”
David Bennewith (Auckland, New Zealand, 1977) is a graphic designer based in Amsterdam. Working under the moniker ‘Colophon’, since November 2008, David produces and publishes non-commissioned work. Colophon is interested in typography and relies on empirical research into subjects surrounding typographic design. Recent projects include: ‘Public Arena’, a publication for Dutch Art collaboration Bik Van der Pol and ‘Joseph Churchward’, edited and designed by David Bennewith, co-published with Clouds, Jan Van Eyck Academie and Colophon. www.colophon.info




ANNE: … Yeah, You accept the boundaries that that you have. Maybe you put them up yourself, maybe
they come from other things. But if you accept the boundaries, then you can feel quite free, even
though you might not be.

From July 18-21, 2009, the artist Alexis Blake held four focus group* meetings in the Stedelijk Museum’s De Bouwkeet in the centre of Amsterdam, NL. With the assistance of moderator Stephanie Blake, Ph.D., she examined how individuals reflect upon the notion of choice. The focus group participants were presented with historical and present-day references — images, video clips and text — that used the rhetoric of choice to communicate either a personal or collective set of beliefs, ideals and/or truths. Using dialogue fragments from this focus group research and quotations/equations from her conversations with Michael Franke – a logician and philosopher of rational choice theory – Blake wrote a lecture that will be presented this evening as the publication Scriptings#8: “IN/OUT/EITHER/NEITHER”.
Alexis Blake (US) is a visual artist based in Amsterdam, NL, where she is currently a resident in the SMBA residency, RED A.i.R. She received her BA from St.Olaf College in the US and her MA in Fine Art from Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, NL.

*A focus group is a qualitative research method that uses a moderator to facilitate group discussion in order to acquire knowledge about a certain topic or product.

Showroom and publishing house Scriptings at Korsjespoorsteeg 9/12, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Scriptings #5/#6 Katrin Mayer, Achim Lengerer


You are cordially invited to the fifth and sixth edition of Achim Lengerer’s Scriptings series with the presentation Temporary Scenarios – fake or feint by Katrin Mayer and the performance Hold on, I, too, am drifting by Achim Lengerer.


Katrin Mayer: Temporary Scenarios – fake or feint
Opening: Saturday, September 26, 7.00 – 9.00 p.m. at Korjespoorsteeg 12, Amsterdam, NL.

In her installations Katrin Mayer reconnects found imagery in ways that make processes of the generation of meaning apparent. The artist intervenes in the local architecture of the various venues she exhibits in. She creates temporary site- and content- specific displays derived from existing structures, logics and materials of the space and it’s surrounding or history, underlined by her interest in theories of difference, gender and identity. She often uses imagery patterns as an application of an additional surface in order to mark and contextualize the existing characteristics of the space. For SCRIPTINGS#5 Katrin Mayer works with documentary material of the so-called “2. Ebene” (2nd section), that accompanied fake or feint, a collaborative exhibition project that took place from January – July 2009 in Berlin, which was curated by Joerg Franzbecker and Martin Beck.
This “2. Ebene” consisted of a process-related archive, a contextualizing paper-project by the curators, a collection of graphical patterns by Flo Gaertner and a changing spatial setting for a reading and documentation area by Katrin Mayer. In a manner of a ‘space-recording’ she used the found structures, logics and materials of the space to transform them into situation-specific environments. When embedding these materials into the showroom and the magazine SCRIPTINGS she will address different modes and layers of documentation, that are seen as a new scenario and thus relate to the artistic practice of Achim Lengerer.


Achim Lengerer: Hold on, I, too, am drifting … (a speech performance with Kevin Cregan)
Performance: Friday, September 25, between 5 – 7 p.m. and Saturday 26, Sunday 27, between 3 – 7 p.m. at Bergstraat 14, Amsterdam, NL.

Scriptings functions as a discoursive platform parallel and additional to Lengerer’s writing and performance projects. Scriptings invites artists, writers, graphic-designers, performers as well as publishers, all of which are working with the formats of “script” or “text” within their processes of production. This does not necessarily head towards the final production of printed matters, but it might result in the production of a movie, drawing, object or performance generated through processes of reading, writing or verbal utterance.

Hold on, I, too, am drifting … (a speech performance with Kevin Cregan)


As an artist I don’t wanna be caught empty handed, right? WHAT DID YOU HEAR ABOUT ME? I once knew a person who divided human beings into three categories: those who prefer having nothing to hide rather having to lie, those who prefer lying to having nothing to hide, and finally those who like both lying and the hidden. Did you hear of me as a true artist, a good artist, a nice artist maybe? Not as a show-off or talker? Hopefully as a potent artist, a copious producer and clever trickster? That’d be nice! No small bluffer, but a great impostor who likes both lying and the hidden. What did you hear about my profession, about my confession? I really favour girls with warm, motherly breasts … I do love to play with their nipples endlessly … with a minimal hit of the tip of my tongue I am feeling around, sucking softly, biting … not too much hopefully … yes she smiles … too … hold on, I am drifting again. SO WHAT DID YOU HEAR ABOUT ME? You know, sometimes it is easier to see clearly into the liar, than into the man who tells the truth. Truth like light, blinds. Falsehood, on the other hand, is a beautiful twilight enhancing every object. Where was I? … Yes … being prolific and potent … believe me, I know what I’m talking about. So I put a stop to it. No more books, no more useless objects either; the bare necessities … (starts humming) the simple bare necessities, forget about your worries and your strife, I mean the bare necessities … clean and polished like a coffin.




Amsterdam launch of Silk Handkerchiefs
Thursday 24 September, 8pm–1am
De Nieuwe Anita, Frederik Hendrikstraat 111

Silk Handkerchiefs is the first in a trilogy of short comedy novels by writer and painter Paul Haworth.
Wank to Jeremy Kyle, postie wink, suicidal, hit on woman old enough to be my mother, like a lubricious satyr, nigh-on assaulted by a male admirer, lying in a pool of urine…shit like this, it never used to happen to me, I swear. Now it were the story of my life.
Narrator Alex ‘Abs’ Brenchley is unafraid to tell, show and give all. Alongside episodes about his youth at Westminster School, sexcapades in St James’s Park and Victoria Station, and life as one of the art world’s so-called Nutty Solitary Men, Silk Handkerchiefs weaves its story of one fateful day in the life of Alex Brenchley…a day of tragedy, violence and the promise of LOVE.
Whilst growing up in ‘the eternal gulag that is the British boarding school’, Alex’s antidote to his sense of abandonment was sex – sex, sex, sex – and plenty drugs to go along. He then cleans up his act and commits himself to scholasticism and art at the University of Oxford, only to discover that this wholesome life is a lie – the emperor’s new clothing. But as Abs attempts to reconnect with the realness of his old ways – and his old crowd – he learns that he is not the man he used to be…
The character and story of Silk Handkerchiefs have been developed through radio shows, YouTube videos and short stories written by Haworth since 2003. A performance of Silk Handkerchiefs took place at the Barbican Art Gallery in London in July 2008, as part of The House of Viktor & Rolf. Alex Brenchley’s misadventures will be continued in two sequels.
The narration richly fuses Cockney, hip-hop slang and verbose Dickensian English. The book offers a delirious account of 21st-century anxiety at its most extreme and hysterical and captures the London of 2007 as if it was only yesterday.
Silk Handkerchiefs – hilarious, ridiculous, true!
Published September 2009 by TRUE TRUE TRUE, Amsterdam
96 pages, 18 × 11 cm, €10
ISBN 978-94-90006-02-0


SCRIPTINGS#4 Kultur&Gespenster and The Mock and other superstitions / Sunday, July 19th


Gustav Mechlenburg and Nora Sdun from Kultur&Gespenster
The Mock and other superstitions

You are cordially invited to the forth edition of Achim Lengerer’s Scriptings series with GUSTAV MECHLENBURG and NORA SDUN, the editors of the Hamburg based magazine Kultur&Gespenster. The talk and discussion will focus on their first edition about the writer HUBERT FICHTE as well as on issues of an independent publishing and editing practice.

The same evening Scriptings starts to present The Mock and other superstitions, a quarterly journal based in London and exploring the relation of artists, writers and curators with the physical nature of text. The Mock and other superstitions is edited by Francesco Pedraglio.

The presentation takes places Sunday, July 19th, at 7:00 p.m. at Korjespoorsteeg 9/12, Amsterdam, NL.


Scriptings is the official showroom of Achim Lengerer’s labelfuerproduktion/labelpourproduire/labelforproduction.
The label is an art project founded in 2003 disguised in the format of a legal institution, which puts into action exhibitions and events with varying collaborators by shifting codified social roles of the “artist at work”. Lengerer is the only person behind the fictitious institution.

Scriptings functions as a discursive platform parallel and additional to Lengerer’s writing and performance project Songs#. Scriptings invites artists, writers, graphic-designers, performers as well as publishers, all of which are working with the formats of “script” and “text” within their processes of production. This does not necessarily head towards the final production of printed matters, but it might result in the production of a movie, drawing, object or performance generated through processes of reading, writing or verbal utterance. The presentations at Korsjespoorsteeg 9/12 consist of live events and transient exhibition displays as well as the instant publishing of the magazine Scriptings, which contains textual and visual materials provided by the participants.


alternative text

Paper In Style!

Paper In Style! Out Now!
Printed samples of paper, all for sale at Vliegers, now bound in one volume. Check it out and see this fabulous designed piece of art.

Paper In Style

Paper In Style

Designed by Ayumi and Joseph Graduates 2009 at Graphic Design Department.

Many thanks!



11 artists and designers were asked to make a work in the size of A1 with the title masterpiece.
Between January and June 2009 these works will be presented in a 2-weeks-cycle, introduced with a small opening ceremony.

Meneer de Wit Studios
Witte de Witstraat 10
1057 XV Amsterdam

THE MASTERPIECE SERIES is a project by Claudia Doms — in collaboration with Merel van den Berg, Joel Galvez, Veronique de Koning, Eline Mul, Cécile Tafanelli and Per Törnberg.



Rietveld 42nd Birthday Party
A silent protest, please do come!
(Dutch translation below).

Dear friends,

On Monday May 18th, we celebrate the 42nd birthday of the Gerrit Rietveld building (the school was officially opened on May 18th, 1967). To commemorate this event, we would like to adorn the building with a human chain: a festoon (‘slinger’) consisting of people, forming a temporary birthday decoration. A lunch-time party, festive happening and site-specific action, all taking place at the same time.

Gerrit Rietveld designed the building as ‘neutral’ as possible, in order to put the spotlight fully on the art of the students. The typical grey architecture of the building allows for a maximum use of colour. To underline that, we would like to ask you to dress yourself in one colour. Dresscode: monochrome. That way, we can form a human spectrum of colours.

Please come on Monday May 18th, 2009. The event starts at 13:00 hrs. We look forward to your presence. We are meeting in the cantine.
Rietveld Academy, Frederik Roeskestraat 96, 1076 ED Amsterdam

As some of you might know, the Rietveld Academy is in real danger of losing its rightful building. Due to a mix of opportunistic politics and economic interests, there is a big chance that the school will be forced to move out of the building. Don’t let this happen. Sign the petition at http://www.rietveldforrietveld.org/english

Kind regards,
The Rietveld Preservation Society.

A loosely related anecdote, purely for inspiration: in October 1967, famous Yippie leader Abbie Hoffman organized a human chain around the Pentagon building in Washington DC. A large group of 50.000 hippies, radicals and self-proclaimed freaks gathered at the Pentagon, to form a human circle. In the words of Hoffman, a pentagon was an occult sign, that could only be neutralized by a circle. The goal of this ‘Exorcism of the Pentagon’ was the levitation of the building through combined psychic energy. Obviously, actual levitation never occurred, but the event sure was a big happening.

A Dutch translation, for non-English speakers: Beste vrienden, maandag 18 mei vieren we de 42ste verjaardag van het Gerrit Rietveld gebouw. Op 18 mei 1967 werd het gebouw officieel in gebruik genomen. Dit willen we vieren door het gebouw te versieren met een menselijke slinger. Komt allen! Rietveld heeft het gebouw neutraal gehouden om alle kleuren toe te laten. We vragen je daarom om gekleed in één kleur naar het feest te komen. Maandag 18 mei, in de kantine van de Rietveld Academy, aanvang 13.00 uur. Onderteken die petitie hier: http://www.rietveldforrietveld.org/

Some random jpegs, to illustrate this invitation: