Paper In Style!

Paper In Style! Out Now!
Printed samples of paper, all for sale at Vliegers, now bound in one volume. Check it out and see this fabulous designed piece of art.

Paper In Style

Paper In Style

Designed by Ayumi and Joseph Graduates 2009 at Graphic Design Department.

Many thanks!



Rietveld 42nd Birthday Party
A silent protest, please do come!
(Dutch translation below).

Dear friends,

On Monday May 18th, we celebrate the 42nd birthday of the Gerrit Rietveld building (the school was officially opened on May 18th, 1967). To commemorate this event, we would like to adorn the building with a human chain: a festoon (‘slinger’) consisting of people, forming a temporary birthday decoration. A lunch-time party, festive happening and site-specific action, all taking place at the same time.

Gerrit Rietveld designed the building as ‘neutral’ as possible, in order to put the spotlight fully on the art of the students. The typical grey architecture of the building allows for a maximum use of colour. To underline that, we would like to ask you to dress yourself in one colour. Dresscode: monochrome. That way, we can form a human spectrum of colours.

Please come on Monday May 18th, 2009. The event starts at 13:00 hrs. We look forward to your presence. We are meeting in the cantine.
Rietveld Academy, Frederik Roeskestraat 96, 1076 ED Amsterdam

As some of you might know, the Rietveld Academy is in real danger of losing its rightful building. Due to a mix of opportunistic politics and economic interests, there is a big chance that the school will be forced to move out of the building. Don’t let this happen. Sign the petition at

Kind regards,
The Rietveld Preservation Society.

A loosely related anecdote, purely for inspiration: in October 1967, famous Yippie leader Abbie Hoffman organized a human chain around the Pentagon building in Washington DC. A large group of 50.000 hippies, radicals and self-proclaimed freaks gathered at the Pentagon, to form a human circle. In the words of Hoffman, a pentagon was an occult sign, that could only be neutralized by a circle. The goal of this ‘Exorcism of the Pentagon’ was the levitation of the building through combined psychic energy. Obviously, actual levitation never occurred, but the event sure was a big happening.

A Dutch translation, for non-English speakers: Beste vrienden, maandag 18 mei vieren we de 42ste verjaardag van het Gerrit Rietveld gebouw. Op 18 mei 1967 werd het gebouw officieel in gebruik genomen. Dit willen we vieren door het gebouw te versieren met een menselijke slinger. Komt allen! Rietveld heeft het gebouw neutraal gehouden om alle kleuren toe te laten. We vragen je daarom om gekleed in één kleur naar het feest te komen. Maandag 18 mei, in de kantine van de Rietveld Academy, aanvang 13.00 uur. Onderteken die petitie hier:

Some random jpegs, to illustrate this invitation:




… will go in the 2nd round with a work by JANIS PÖNISCH!
Please join us for the opening on Friday, February 6th at 17:00h, Meneer de Wit Studios, Witte de Withstraat 10.

Looking forward to your visit,
11 artists and designers were asked to hand in their Masterpiece in A1. There were no restrictions concerning content and technique.
Between January and June 2009 these works will be presented in a 2-weeks-cycle in the showcase of Menner de Wit, Amsterdam.

THE MASTERPIECE SERIES is a project by S7 – Claudia Doms, Joel Galvez, Eline Mul, Cécile Tafanelli, Per Törnberg and Merel van den Berg.



We are giving a break for the blog after the graduation show when it gets its new edittor in September 2008.Till this time all the entries has published by Inci Arici, presented in 2008 Graduation Show of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

For more information you can always email:


May, 2008 entries

GRABLOG (Gerrit Rietveld Academie Graphic Design Department Blog Page) has started unofficially in January 2007. It aimed to be the picture of the department, follow the movement of the department. In 1 month it had been known in school and only last month (May, 2008) there had been 55 different countries in the world has accessed to Grablog. In this map you can see our May, 2008 visitors’ nationalities.


Hello everybody,
If you have time this week, join artist Barbara Visser’s NRC assignment!
You have to come up with a title for her (fictive) biography!
Check the link for further information. Below is the contribution from last week.
The deadline is next Monday around noon!



He you all,
Money and art meet each other this week. So much to do this week/weekend, had to let you know.

Art Amsterdam
Art Fair in the Rai-building.
If you won the lottery last week, that’s the place to be.
Sleep-In and performances with Melanie Bonajo and Kinga Kielczynska.
May 7-11
Satellite Station
Project Space / Satellite fair for galleries next to Art Amsterdam, basement of the Post CS-building (Stedelijk Museum) Galleries show art that is difficult for them to show at a conventional art fairs, because of too big, too experimental… Good program: galleries Diana Stigter, Paul Andriesse, Fons Welters, Ron Mandos and others are represented.
May 8-12.
Thursday evening at 21h: lecture by Olav Velthuis, art historian and economist on the function of art fairs.
Be there for the talk !!! He’s a genius.
Mark Unread
You know what it is. Be there! (Koit & Brit’s place,
Marnixstraat 235 this time)
Artist initiatives and some Master Academies.
Opening 10th of May, 1600h. Open 11-18 May.
Join the squatters at their ‘Volkskeuken’,
10 May, 7 pm, Jollemanhof 148. More info on their website:
De Appel – Curatorial Program on Sunday you can take the bus to see the final project of the Curatorial Program in Utrecht. For free, but you need to make a reservation on the website.
Attachment: Jeroen Jongeleen ‘influenza/lifesupport’, Upstream Gallery
More info: