April, 2009




Deadline 29th MAY 2009
For those of you who are still in school, just graduated, or have been working for several years, we offer the opportunity to broaden your knowledge, expand your network and share your experiences.

For the first time two schools, Werkplaats Typografie (ArtEZ), Arnhem, The Netherlands and ISIA Urbino, Italy, set up together, a two-week Summerschool in Urbino, Italy, from the 27th of July
to the 7th of August 2009.

Instead of going to the beach, visit churches or go hiking, you can do the opposite and go back to school. It’s a crazy proposal, we know, but it won’t be too much of a school you know. Most important, you can’t get a degree, so you can never fail. What connects it to a school, is mainly the building in which it takes place. ISIA is the one and only bachelor school solely devoted to graphic design. It is in a renaissance building in a astonishing renaissance village on the hills. Where else then there should you gather and do some work.

It should be a great experience, it should be fun, it should be a moment to do things you normally wouldn’t do, to ask questions you wouldn’t normally ask. Are you highly creative, highly motivated, willing to work and collaborate, willing to get confused and open minded.

During the summerschool fundamental issues in the design process will be addressed. Why, what and how would you like to communicate and with whom. What is the role of design, can you tell stories differently, turn what exists upside down.

Each day during the two weeks you will be guided by graphic designers Karel Martens, Armand Mevis (Werkplaats Typografie) and Leonardo Sonnoli (ISIA Urbino), who will share their experiences with you. Together they set up a project that relates to the typical setting of the school. Maureen Mooren will visit as an external critic.

When you believe that this is the perfect Summerschool, the school you’ve been looking for for ages, then it’s time to apply.

Send your application, with your cv and portfolio (in pdf format), before the 29th of May
to this e-mail address at ISIA Urbino and we will let you know within one week if you will be accepted.