April, 2007


The first year graphic design students of GRA made their books with the inspiration of the “Istanbul” exhibition in Amsterdam, printed at Alex Barbaix’s typograpy workshop.
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18th International Poster and Graphic Arts Festival of Chaumont from May 12th to June 24th 2007. For the program and details please check the website


Hello everybody, I am currently working on this years edition of the GRAy magazine for the Rietveld, and the theme this year is artistic research. Regarding the theme, I thought it would be fitting to compile a typeface out of typedesign sketches, which is artistic research in itself. This typeface would be called… Prototype. The idea is to use it for headlines and the cover, and list all contributors in the colophone.

So if you have some darlings you had to kill along the way, some tryouts that didnt make it to the end, I would be very happy to use them. All contributions are most welcome, and I´m sure there are lots of beautiful/ bizarre/ serious/ unbelievable lettershapes in your harddrives. So please have a look, any format is fine, scanned drawings to fontographer files.

Thanks a lot. Kalle www.hijackyourlife.com



VJS! I am giving a party called OUTSIDERS in the FLEX BAR on Saturday the 2nd of June.You had an assignment last year by Paul, with the VJ thing on the theme “OUTSIDERS” . I would like you to preform your sets again on this party.This is a party where you can give your own produced tracks to the DJ during the night. Only demo tracks will be played during this night and the best tracks will be released on the 08-Bar LP. The night (2nd of June) is the release party of the first 08-Bar E.P. Check out their website: http://www.08bar.nl/


Dear friend,
Once again we are happy to invite you to:
Koninginnenacht – graparty- ‘special edition’
Sunday 29 of april club more 23:00 – 05:00
Bring your secondhand…
Presale at www.Graparty.Com
Entreance fee at the door: €10
Graparty team,


“… you will have to create another identity for yourself.
…The term ‘identity’ has been used over and over again in the artworldand in the media in general. I don’t want you to redefine it but it is something we can discuss.
…Your person can grow. And in the end you will have to give a lecture on your person. Based upon the material you gathered/made in the previous weeks. Like a detective reporting. It seems very open but I do want you to make the link with graphic design. Graphic designers have the tools to manipulate.
… I will bring F for fake(Orson Welles) this week again.”(Assignment by Floor Koomen)

Sanne (slide presentation)
“I interviewed 63 people about the life of ‘Hein Bouwman’, upon their answers I built one biography.”

Kumi ( performance + book)
” -Tom Peters-.His character was built by interviews with his family, friends and collegas.”

Claudia Doms (Movie + Book)
“I melt interviews and speeches of celebrities, politicians and icons, such as Sun Ra, Horst Mahler, Tom Cruise, Yussuf Islam and Schwarzenegger, into one perspective (in form of a movie). The idea is strongly driven y the observation that many people do completely change their belief in lifetime.”

Thijs Gadiot( Slide Presentation+performance)
“About a non-identity, two engineers kept working at a company, while they were officially fired. They decided to keep on coming and work all day in their offices until they would have finished what they started. It is illustrated this by displaying models of the spaces they would be in.”

Ozkan (movie)
“Stock Characters”

Luisa Heinrich (slide presentation + book)
“My project was about language as humans most precious good to express yourself, the way we speak is the waay others perceive us and thus our way we are perceived by others forms our identity. so far so known, but i myself/we are living i pretty multilinguistic life, so do others and as its a contemporary trend. this cultural innterchange is for me a positive effect of globalisation. But even though english as a modern lingua franca helps us a lot to communicate and I think we manage quite well, but nevertheless its for the biggest part of us not our mother language, so this subject was my starting point: what happens to the message we want to communicate, is information getting lost or to any extent enriched? does the other person which is next in the chinese whispering translation chain what i want to say? how does the information change? slowly quick? how is our own language, the way we use it, affected? and so on ….”

Merel (Pdf presentation)
“I have been researching how (script) writers come to their character names. I wanted to show the connections between character names and what they refer to (for example: other people, places, events) in schemes. For the presentation I connected these schemes all together into one big ‘scroll-down’. ”

Margaret ( slide presentation)
“Looking for new friends”

Katrine (Performance+ Poster/businesscard)
“Set of 25 different business cards with memories I have of my family members. A different memory on each card.”

Donat ( Movie)
“Translation of Myspace profiles into an drawed animation of a fictional Myspace city. It is a narrative approach about how myspace user’s are presenting theirselves on their private “space” which is actually a public space.”

Sarah (live performance)
“My ID project deals with the idea of serendipity.
Serendipity means the occurence and developement of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. It is the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else. In my lecture I created a so called serendipity pattern, builded around the name of Wijsmuller.”

Erik (Photos)
“Me, myself and I”

Inci Arıcı (movie)
“Development of an identity with the connection of another being. Black moor is an aquarium fish. The text has made by over 100 stories of the Black moor owners who wrote their stories about him.”


Rietveld is being built by Gra in Second Life.


Happy easter to all book binders!!
denny + joel + kumi


On Tuesday 3 April, we made the first step for to create the Virtual Rietveld in Second Life environment. The workshop had been organised by Roel Wouters & Luna Maurer and the lecture had given by Edo Paulus.
More photos are in our Flickr account