July, 2009

SCRIPTINGS#4 Kultur&Gespenster and The Mock and other superstitions / Sunday, July 19th


Gustav Mechlenburg and Nora Sdun from Kultur&Gespenster
The Mock and other superstitions

You are cordially invited to the forth edition of Achim Lengerer’s Scriptings series with GUSTAV MECHLENBURG and NORA SDUN, the editors of the Hamburg based magazine Kultur&Gespenster. The talk and discussion will focus on their first edition about the writer HUBERT FICHTE as well as on issues of an independent publishing and editing practice.

The same evening Scriptings starts to present The Mock and other superstitions, a quarterly journal based in London and exploring the relation of artists, writers and curators with the physical nature of text. The Mock and other superstitions is edited by Francesco Pedraglio.

The presentation takes places Sunday, July 19th, at 7:00 p.m. at Korjespoorsteeg 9/12, Amsterdam, NL.


Scriptings is the official showroom of Achim Lengerer’s labelfuerproduktion/labelpourproduire/labelforproduction.
The label is an art project founded in 2003 disguised in the format of a legal institution, which puts into action exhibitions and events with varying collaborators by shifting codified social roles of the “artist at work”. Lengerer is the only person behind the fictitious institution.

Scriptings functions as a discursive platform parallel and additional to Lengerer’s writing and performance project Songs#. Scriptings invites artists, writers, graphic-designers, performers as well as publishers, all of which are working with the formats of “script” and “text” within their processes of production. This does not necessarily head towards the final production of printed matters, but it might result in the production of a movie, drawing, object or performance generated through processes of reading, writing or verbal utterance. The presentations at Korsjespoorsteeg 9/12 consist of live events and transient exhibition displays as well as the instant publishing of the magazine Scriptings, which contains textual and visual materials provided by the participants.