As part of the lustrum of the University of Amsterdam (with the slogan: ‘375 years Love for Science’) Perdu organizes a series of four strange lectures in an academic environment on friday 21 and Saturday 22 September. These are all lectures that play with being a lecture, that are art pieces by themselves, that don’t want to inform in first place, but that want to give an experience. The first of this lectures will be given by Will Holder on friday and is titled “An Attempt to Evolve, part 9″. In his “An Attempt to Evolve” lectures (earlier hold in Maastricht, Gent, Londen and NY) Will Holder talks about the written and the spoken word, the personal and borrowed voice, the role of the voice in graphic design, and speech as publishing.

Friday 21 september
Lecture ‘AN ATTEMPT TO EVOLVE, part 9′ of Will Holder
As part of a series of unusual lectures
Start: 19:45 h
Tickets: 8 euro
In: Café Bibliotheek Bijzondere collecties
Turfmarkt 129 (in the university centre)

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