Lady( Karaoke)

The song was on a tape with self-recorded Karaoke songs that somebody found in a thrift store and sent to the radio for airplay. Only two words were printed on the cassette… “Wooshie Spkamoto”. aHere is my Youtube-Sing-Along-Karaoke-Version:
The Types

Porsche, Britney, Jesus and Typography

Slideshow about the Rietveld Academy…and Abkhazia. This movie is based on talks that I had with a friend of mine who comes from Abkhazia and is now studying with me and reaserches that I made – of course filtered through my mind. So it will for sure not tell the total truth; I am aware of that. Thanks to Helge Schneider. And yes: in Rietveld English.
Bboys to men

videoclip with 2Pac, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Basquiat, Miles Davis, Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Spike Lee, KRS-One and Bob Marley. Rich Medina is killing his Idols. I guess.
Cooperation with Denny Backhous
The Simple Life#1

The Simple Life#2

The Simple Life#5

Photosession with Paris&Nicole.


(2005) This movie is supposed to come on a DVD, the image is always me, riding on my bike through Amsterdam. With the remote control of the DVD player you can change my soundtrack; change my feelings and thoughts (with a breeze of irony). This clip shows how it could be (I guess you would zip through it faster…). Don’t let them fool you: life is not a movie.

Anonymous said on May 26, 2007 @ 3:23 pm

Like the simple life, I’ve put it on Squeakyfrom if you don’t mind.


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