In the exhibition Borderline Behaviour – drawn towards animation, the contribution of The Art of the Overhead consist of a growing collection of overhead slides submitted by artists, graphic designers, filmmakers, cartoonists, writers, et cetera. The archive is displayed in an interactive wall-mounted folder system. Each folder contains the work of one artist and the exhibition visitors can browse the archive by taking down the folders and projecting the overhead slides themselves.

On Feb 15th, TENT. presents a live version of the archive: The Art of the Overhead compiled an evening with poetic, psychedelic and rudimentary projections by Katrin Bethge, a workshop overheadbots by ‘derstrudel’ and an overhead lecture on the concept of The Art of the Overhead and the overhead archive. Linda Hilfling and Kristoffer Gansing (dk/se) present the lecture: ‘OHistory!’ The Art of the Overhead is a small festival celebrating artistic expression in a medium that is almost forgotten in the age of digital reproduction: the overhead projector. Business graphs, statistics, mathematic formulas, grammar, famous quotes. We know them all from endless PowerPoint presentations. But no mouse clicks are needed, only the manual turning of a slide, because before there was PowerPoint, there was the Art of the Overhead. Hamburg-based artist Katrin Bethge projects lights, color, abstract forms, textures and pictures on walls, rooms or urban environments. Her work is an analogue process, developing a kind of abstract storytelling, a life-made hand-made film, while ordinary rooms loose their origins and change places or different ages.

Don’t miss this artist presentation!
Build your own ‘overheadbot’ with ‘derstrudel’. With their workshop, anyone can build and design his own unique small overhead robot. They use small printed circuits boards, so the circuit can be soldered very quickly! ‘derstrudel’ provides the smallest motors, solar panels and various electronic components. For individual design and look they also provide lots of different materials like: shiny paper, colored foils, wire, springs, etc. Electronic know-how is not required. ‘Overheadbots’ live on overheads, a bit like parasites they sit on top of the overhead and convert its light into their proper motion. The ‘overheadbots’ are completely autonomous; all their energy is delivered by the overhead. (derstrudel are: Christian Faubel, Sebastian Noth, Markus Mildenstein and Yuila Sandamirskaya.) TENT.

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