April, 2007


22.03/20.04.2007 =Musiekgebouw/ Amsterdam


Is there someone who is superfast in typing?
I need someone to type a debate live, which means that it probably is best that it is a native English speaker, who is also confident with typing/writing fast. There will be a few debates The debates will also be recorded, so there is room for corrections. And we will discuss a payment. I hope someone is interested -or knows someone who knows someone? Looking forward to hear from you! Nina : nina_sl21@hotmail.com



Sint-Lucas Beeldende Kunst, Gent (departement van de Hogeschool voor Wetenschap & Kunst) presenteert een volledige dag rond grafisch ontwerp met lezingen en presentaties door:

Sint-Lucas Visual Arts, Ghent (department of the Institute for Higher Education in the Sciences & the Arts) presents an entire day related to graphic design with lectures and presentations by:
Daniel Eatock (London)
James Goggin (London)
Will Holder (London)
Zak Kyes (London)
David Reinfurt (New York)
Daniel van der Velden &
Maureen Mooren (Amsterdam)

Donderdag Thursday
24 mei May 2007
10:00 – 17:00, Gratis Free

Kunstencentrum Vooruit,
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23,
9000 Gent

Reservaties !! Reservations !!
Sabine De Meester:
E-mail: sabine.demeester
Tel: 09 267 96 65

Met de steun van
With the support of:
Kunstencentrum Vooruit
Drukkerij sintjoris



As an intern, you work in a team with other designers and programmers. Often the team will have a project manager as well. It is our aim to involve you from the beginning of one of our projects. That way you work alongside us and obtain job experience through all phases of a project, until a good result is attained.
The projects we do are mostly for internet, and are not only about clear communication, but also about sharing images, stories, opinions and information via a network. So far, our sharing goes by means of metadata, be they vast mobtagging terms applied by users or keywords defined by the webeditors, but we are always searching for new or different solutions. Besides designing for the web, we also do paper design and make exhibitions and installations.
In case of a graduation internship, we discuss direction and goals for the project together, and you carry responsibility for a large part of the final result. Some designers do an autonomous research and graduation project, but mostly we try to fit your ideas into a larger project which will be implemented, be it by us or a different institution.
Responsibility and independence in word and action is very important for all interns.
Almost all of our projects use innovative methods within new media. An apparent affinity for new media is therefore a strong pro for any candidate. Our interest leans towards social software and communicative connections between different media, and not necessarily only the technological advancements in the field, but also the social implications of such products.
Our projects are seldom for commercial institutions, but are mainly developed for cultural, social or educational purposes. An understanding and previous involvement in similar endeavors is commendable.
All our projects involve highly interactive use of new media. Your portfolio has to show your talent and practical experience with interactive media.
Typically, any Mediamatic internship lasts 100 (working) days. A different duration can be agreed on but is only available in exception. We offer a reasonable internship compensation and limited commuting expenses where appropriate.
To apply, send your letter of motivation and a link to your on-line portfolio to Willem Velthoven at werk@mediamatic.nl.